Saturday, January 5, 2019

How to create a Money Making Blog?


Are you looking for Create A Money Making Blog?

As you want to start a Blog for earn some money from home by your writing skills and want to share information with world. Than here I will tell you all step by step guide to start your blog and tips to earn from it. SO guys let's start it without wasting your time.

How many types of Blog and Website?

SO here are three types of websites you should know about that.
  1. Static Website
  2. Blogging website
  3. E-Commerce Website
These all three types of websites are in the internet and every website has different earning criteria and process. But Here I am telling you about Blogging website.

Platforms For Blogging

Basically you can start blogs on paid and free platforms and it's Depend upon you which is suitable for you But if you are a beginner then you should start with free platforms other wise you could choose Paid Hosting platforms.

Now you will ask one most important question. Is We should have coding friendly or a coder. 

So my Answer is no For start a blog you should not have a coder you can use CMS (content Management System) Like WordPress, Wix, or Blogger. These are platforms where you can start you free blogs.

But one more Question is How you can earn from your Blog?

If you want to earn from your Article and blogs then you should have apply for Google Ad-sense Ads Programme and you should try it on here you have freedom to use Ad-sense blogs and permitted to use a custom domain for your blogs and websites . In you can use templates and start writing and apply for Adsense and start making Money from you blog. in the Next Article I will tell you how you can Signup with Blogger and how you could setup all things. in Next Article I will post a Video Also where you can Watch and learn about

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