Wednesday, September 19, 2018

What are the benefits of EMD Domain in SEO?

What is exact match domain
If you are a blogger and write your Article on your Website or blogs then you absolutely know about Keywords targeting and how to do SEO of a blog and Website? Then this topic would be very Important for your SEO skills. In this Topic, I will tell about Domains and How to target your keywords via using your Domains?

So let's start our lesson. I know Everyone wants to know What is EMD and how to find EMD's.

What are EMD domains?

 Actually, EMD means "exact match domains". it's nothing it's just similar to another domain but it covers your main keyword in your Url. first I want to tell you one thing Domains are just 3 types.
1. TLD (top level domain)
             , .co, .net
2. LLD (low-level domain)
                       Ex- .ga, .tk, .ml
3. CD (custom domains)
                       Ex- .services, .bike, .shop
these are the types of domains but you think about where is EMD so don't worry you can find EMD in any extensions if you want only doing SEO then you can buy the domain in any extension. It's not necessary to purchase only .com domains

you can find EMD in any domains with any extensions.

How to Find EMD?

If you want to know how I find EMD then you should have read this article very carefully and follow all the steps which I would recommend to you. So first see how looks EMD. It's Depend upon your niche because you are not a brand and you are the only share your experience with people so watch. Suppose you want to sell a product like "leather jacket' then you can use the domain like this "" as you see in this domain you have covered all your main keywords so now you have to chance rank fast on Google SERP. In this domain, you covered your main keywords so now you have to only Write articles with maintaining the ratio of keyword density or proximity.

Conclusion: If you want to search a domain for SEO purpose and don't want to make that a Brand then you should go with EMD domains.

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