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How to earn Daily $ 10-100 in a Day?

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How to Earn from Blogging?

In this era, everybody wants to earn from their home and want to know how they can earn easily 10-100 $ daily? So in this article, you will read about this topic. Here I will show you my earning stats. How I earn $857.53 in May 2018? Before telling about my earning strategy I would like to say everyone can earn like me It's not easy but not difficult. So let's start, Before starting you I want to tell you If you have good knowledge about any topic and you can write about that topic then you could start your blog Otherwise left it because without writing skills you can't earn.

How can you earn $10-100 Dollar per day by blogging?

As you saw my May stats, Now you can believe me. I have hidden some places by black or white mark because of I think that was not necessary to show off. It's very easy to start I will show you step by step guide.

  • Select a niche
  • Buy an EMD Domain (Exact Match domain)
  • Start with
  • Write Unique Content.
  • Do On Page SEO
  • Start off Page SEO
  • Increase Your Traffic
  • Apply for Adsense Programme

As I listed above 8 Steps these all are very Important for starting a blog.

1. Niche selection:  Is the very Important topic in this Article because without Niche you can't write. You have to select the best niche for your blog or article in which you have good knowledge then you can write on those topics. you can start with event blogging. It's a seasonal topic Like Holi, Dusshera, Deepawali, Christmas, New year and etc. You can search for events via using Social media trends or Google trends here you can search niche in which you have good knowledge and writing skills. I will write an Article on this topic in a few days. How to select Niche for your Blogs or Website? So keep visiting our site.

2. Buy EMD Domain:
Actually, you are thinking about what is EMD Domains and Importance of It. So I would tell everything about EMD but now I am giving a small knowledge about EMD Because today I can't clear all the topics in this article cause of time problem But as soon as possible I write about it. EMD means (Exact Match Domain) and it covers your most important part of SEO your Primary keyword like I had bought a domain ( Here I covered my primary and most searching keyword in the domain. That's why you have to purchase EMD.

3. Choose a platform in which you want to start a blog or website as I know you are a beginner and due to the low budget you can't afford hosting bills so you have to start with It's totally free of cost no charges applying. And it's a Google's product so you have no problems with this platform here you can use bloggers subdomains if you can't buy Domain you would get a domain like this ( but I would recommend you use custom domains because blogger gives you freedom to use custom domains and a custom domain gives you name like brand rather than subdomain, So use a custom domain. I will also tell about the Importance of custom domain in in next Post.

4. Write Unique content: as you know Google is smarter than you so you have to care about content because if you would copy content from another website or blog Google will penalize you and you never got visitors in your blog or website. and all your work gone waste so write your own content and use questions in your blog and give their answers which are very important for a Website or Blog Ranking. Because Google loves questions.

5. On-Page, SEO is easy in this step you have to write your content well optimized for Search Engines. Like use H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6 tags it's nothing it's just the size of your fonts, and use Alt tags in Images and Write a description of your blog or article and use keyword density or proximity. These factors are very important for doing On page SEO of any blog.

6. How to do Off-page SEO for your website?

It's a very Important topic for your website because you know off-Page is important for ranking factor of any website so the first you have to submit directory of your blogs, You can do Blog commenting, make backlinks by guest posting if you can't familiar with these topics you can comment here I will tell you all things in brief.

7. After you have all done now the most important thing is how to get traffic It's not difficult if you have done all things in the right way which I have told you upper then you will definitely get a huge amount of traffic in just 3 or 4 months. But you have to keep patient then you will get the good result.

8. When you have all set then you can apply for Adsense account but keep in mind one thing If you are using blogger Subdomains and you are from ASIAN countries then you have to wait 6 months for applying Adsense because Adsense approve Asian blogger subdomain in 6 months so that's why I told you for using custom domain.

SO you should use all the step by step tutorials and you will definitely get the good result.

Conclusion: Everyone can earn Online it's not easy but not impossible, If you know you have the passion of writing then you have to try it and see the result if you can't do it permanently you can do this part time and believe me I am doing it part time and got a great result. SO try at least once and if any doubt you can ask me via email or through comments.
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  1. I have read your blog and I have some questions. 1st is how to write unique content? In same topic. 2nd is How I know what is suitable EMD for me? And 3rd is How to apply AdSense?